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Payment method

To formalize the registration, you must at least pay the registration fees (non refundable), the selected additional services (Accommodation and excursions) and the TEACHING DEPOSIT, or you may pay THE TOTAL amount of the course that you are registering for.

Please select a method of payment:

Full Registration: I accept paying the total amount of the following concepts: registration fees, academic program, and additional services (Accommodation and excursions selected)

Teaching Deposit: Deductible. Non refundable: I accept paying the registration fee, the additional services (Accommodation and excursions selected) and the teaching deposit. The deposit does not constitute an additional cost; it is deducted from the total price of the registration. Payment for the remaining amount must be made before the start of your program of study. (This may be done in person on your first day of your program, in cash or by credit card).

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