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Sistema de Acreditación de Centros Instituto Cervantes (SACIC)

The SACIC establishes the requirements, conditions and indicators that a centre requesting a technical and academic report must comply with. If such a report is favourable and the Instituto Cervantes deems it appropriate, the Centre may obtain the latter's accreditation or, in the event, such accreditation may be extended.

The SACIC foresees that the Instituto Cervantes may carry out its evaluating task of candidate centres, both within and without Spain, and that it may also rely on the collaboration of other institutions to assess requests by Centres for accreditation for the first time or an extension of an accreditation already granted.

In order to this, the Instituto Cervantes has signed collaboration agreements recognising as Evaluation Agencies certain institutions that have experience in administering and managing activities related to ELE and with capacity, training and experience to verify compliance with the requirements, conditions and quality indicators demanded from Centres teaching Spanish.

Nebrija Universidad is recognised by the Instituto Cervantes in order to issue a technical and academic report and the evaluation reports.

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