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The Centro de Estudios Hispánicos is one of the most diverse language study centers in Spain, with international students from more than 30 different countries worldwide.

Student testimonials

China Sanda University
Academic Year 2019-2020

«At Nebrija, we can receive the best language education, cultural knowledge and also be good friends with all teachers. Here we can find the meaning of learning Spanish. You will like this city and love this language thanks to these friendly teachers and classmates».

Thailand Thammasat University
Summer 2019

«I have studied Spanish in Nebrija three times in the last three years. This university has given me a beautiful experience in my life. I would like to say that Nebrija is one of my favorite places in Madrid. The teachers were very nice and also the Nebrija team always helped me when I needed it. Hopefully I'll come back to Nebrija again!».

United States University of Florida
Spring 2020

«Living and studying in Madrid was an incomparable experience! From the first day in Nebrija I felt the support and the great work of the advisers and teachers. What I liked most about Nebrija was being able to complete my studies while sharing classes with students from all over the world».