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Flash Spanish for Tourism

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Know and use the basic vocabulary of the different areas of the toursim sector.
  • Interact with clients in Spanish in a brief manner by using simple expressions and phrases.
  • Understand phrases and the most common vocabulary in this workplace by grasping the main idea of notifications and other short, clear and simple messages.
  • Read texts and find specific information.
  • Write notes and emails with short and simple messages.

Course length:10 hours / 2 weeks

Dedication:5 hours per week

Price: 123 €

Methodology: Live synchronous lessons with teacher

Area: Effective Professional Communication


Course materials:Available in our virtual campus

Spanish level: Beginners

Certificate:Center for Hispanic Studies of Nebrija University

Digital platforms:Blackboard / Zoom

Courses description

Flash Courses on effective communication and specific language development designed to help improve the ability to communicate professionally in Spanish within the different areas of tourism.

  • Flash course – Spanish for tourism: tour guides
  • Flash course – Spanish for toursim: in the hotel

Each of these courses is developed in the communicative context of the chosen field, working on the specific language of the hotel and tourism industry for both oral and written communication, through exercises and practical examples.
Similarly, they address issues related to interculturality in order to raise awareness and help understand the cultural similarities and differences that can influence the relationship with the client.