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Spanish Language Course

Spanish Language Course A1.1

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use very basic words and expressions from the family environment.
  • Understand and use known words and names, as well as simple phrases.
  • Use simple expressions and phrases to describe where you live and the people you know.

Course length:30 hours / 10 weeks

Dedication:3 hours per week

Price: 175 €
With the possibility of adding weekly one-to-one classes: 15€ / 30min. | 25€ / 1h.

Methodology: Self-learning course with tutor

Area: Spanish Language and Culture

Language:Spanish for Beginners 1

Course materials:Ellaborated by the Center for Hispanic Studies

Spanish level:Beginners 1

Certificate:Center for Hispanic Studies of Nebrija University

Digital platforms:Blackboard / Zoom

Course description

Course that aims to start communicating in Spanish under a functional and communicative approach. The students learn basic communicative contents to get by in simple daily life situations. Materials of sociocultural nature are used during the course.