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Spanish Culture Course

Sephardic History and Culture

Course description

This course combines learning Spanish language with a journey to the history of Jewish Spain and ancient Sepharad through the study of cultural contents related to its history.

We offer all levels of Spanish language (A1-C2)

Participants with a level higher than A2 will follow the language courses with the contents corresponding to their level of knowledge of Spanish.

Course length:40 hours / 12 weeks

Dedication:3 hours per week

Price: 385 €

Methodology: Live synchronous lessons with teacher

Area: Spanish Language and Culture

Language:Spanish and English (only the cultural contents will be taught in English to students with a level lower tan B2)

Course materials:Ellaborated by the Center for Hispanic Studies

Spanish level: Beginners, Intermediate, advanced and proficiency

Certificate:Center for Hispanic Studies of Nebrija University

Digital platforms:Blackboard / Zoom