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Spanish Language Course

Spanish Language Course B2.1

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand speeches, lectures and television programs as long as the topic is familiar to you.
  • Read articles and short reports in which the authors adopt specific points of view.
  • Participate in a converstion with some fluency and communicate with native speakers.
  • Make clear descriptions of well-known personal and professional topics. Explain a point a view on a topic.
  • Write clear texts on a series of topics related to your interests. Write letters expressing opinion.

Course length:30 hours / 10 weeks

Dedication:3 hours per week

Price: 175 €
With the possibility of adding weekly one-to-one classes: 15€ / 30min. | 25€ / 1h.

Methodology: Self-learning course with tutor

Area: Spanish Language and Culture


Course materials:Ellaborated by the Center for Hispanic Studies

Spanish level:Upper intermediate 1

Certificate:Center for Hispanic Studies of Nebrija University

Digital platforms:Blackboard / Zoom

Course description

Upper-intermediate level course aimed at practicing oral and written comprehension while acquiring the functional content typical of the level through the study and practice of grammatical structures. Throughout the course, students read, comment and discuss different types of texts.